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unbranded steam cleaners

One fill of this powerful 3-bar hand-held steam cleaner gives you 15 minutes of continuous use to tackle all those tough cleaning jobs. Brilliant for kitchens and bathrooms, cleaning windows, sprucing up the car, even removing wrinkles from curtains

3-bar Hand-held Steam Cleaner
Dream Steam with Wallpaper Plate

Dream Steam with Wallpaper Plate
Penguin: - Auto Penguin

Penguin: - Auto Penguin
We love the Penguin Steam Cleaner. Not only does it has a funky and fun design  but it also cleans s

The fabulous penguin steam cleaner
Save 20 off the Light `n` East Steam Cleaner - Was

Save 20 off the Light n East Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner

Domotec Compact Steam Cleaner

Portable pressurised steam cleaner

Steam Gun (Blue)

Steam Gun
1550 W handheld steam-cleaner

Penguin Steam Cleaner
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