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leitz camera lenses

(Leica) M 90mm f/4 (Silver Lens)

leitz (Leica) M 90mm f/4 (Silver Lens)
(Leica) APO-Telyt-R 400/560/800mm

leitz (Leica) APO-Telyt-R 400/560/800mm
(Leica) 90mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M

Leitz (Leica) 90mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M
(Leica) 90mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M

leitz (Leica) 90mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M
(Leica) 80mm f1.4 SUMMILUX-R (ROM)

leitz (Leica) 80mm f1.4 SUMMILUX-R (ROM)
(Leica) 70-180mm f2.8 ELMARIT-R (ROM)

leitz (Leica) 70-180mm f2.8 ELMARIT-R (ROM)
(Leica) 60mm f2.8 MACRO-ELMARIT-R (ROM)

leitz (Leica) 60mm f2.8 MACRO-ELMARIT-R (ROM)
(Leica) 50mm f2 SUMMICRON-R (ROM)

leitz (Leica) 50mm f2 SUMMICRON-R (ROM)
(Leica) 50mm f2 SUMMICRON-M (Silver)

leitz (Leica) 50mm f2 SUMMICRON-M (Silver)
(Leica) 35mm f2 SUMMICRON-M Aspherical

leitz (Leica) 35mm f2 SUMMICRON-M Aspherical
(Leica) 28mm f2 SUMMICRON-M (Black)

leitz (Leica) 28mm f2 SUMMICRON-M (Black)
(Leica) 28-35-50mm f4 TRI-ELMAR Aspherical

leitz (Leica) 28-35-50mm f4 TRI-ELMAR Aspherical
(Leica) 24mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M Aspherical

leitz (Leica) 24mm f2.8 ELMARIT-M Aspherical
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