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basil vegetables

Tranquillity Luxury Scented Candle

NEOM Organics Tranquillity Luxury Scented Candle
Herb Collection Seeds

Herb Collection Seeds
Herb Basil Mediterranean Medley

Herb Basil Mediterranean Medley
Herb Basil Magical Michael Seeds

Herb Basil Magical Michael Seeds
Herb Basil Dark Opal Seeds

Herb Basil Dark Opal Seeds
Mediterranean Vegetable Garden

Lifestyle Mediterranean Vegetable Garden
Suma Organic Minestrone Soup 400g

Suma Wholefoods Suma Organic Minestrone Soup 400g
Vegetables Plant Collection

Mediterranean Vegetables Plant Collection
Genovese - Duchy Originals Seeds

Basil Genovese - Duchy Originals Seeds
This annual has larger leaves than Bush Basil. It is a widely used herb especially in cooked tomato

Sweet Basil - Groweasy Seed Mat
This herb collection features one Groweasy Mat each of: Basil Sweet Basil Neapolitan Chives Coriande

Herb Collection - Groweasy Seed Mat
Neapolitan - Groweasy Seed Mat

Basil Neapolitan - Groweasy Seed Mat
Herb Basil Genovese seeds produce fragrant  spicy leaves. Sow March to May thinly on the surface of

Herb Basil Genovese Seeds
This herb

Herb Basil Red Seeds
Lime scented green leaves that can be used in cooking  eaten raw or alternatively used to make a del

Herb Basil Lime Mrs. Burns Seeds
This annual has small pointed clove-scented leaves and requires a sunny spot in the garden  greenhou

Herb Basil Bush Seeds
Tasting like a mixture of mint and cloves  this herb compliments courgettes and is legendary in toma

Herb Basil Sweet Green Seeds
A very fragrant selection  with extra-large leaves for more of that intense liquorice fragrance. The

Herb Basil Siam Queen Seeds
This plant produces very large  dark  shiny  purple-black  ruffled and fringed leaves. Provides an i

Herb Basil Purple Ruffles Seeds
A delicious variety that produces large  lush  oval-shaped  slightly puckered leaves with a good str

Herbs Basil Neapolitan Seeds
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