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Rosendahl Grand Cru Wine Thermometer

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Rosendahl Grand Cru Wine Thermometer
The temperature, at which it is served, is of major importance to the overall experience of the wine.
White wine is often served directly from the refrigerator, though it both tastes and smells better at a temperature of around 10-12 degree C. On the other hand, 15 minutes out of the fridge can do wonders for a red wine, which has been aged at room temperature.
This begs the question - " can red wine be drunk cold at all"?
Well seen as you've asked...
Cool Fleurie or Bardolino can be the perfect companion for lean fish or veal carpaccio. It is the content of tannin - or tannic acid, which determines if the wine is suited for being cooled down.
Low temperatures emphasize the sourness and can make the experience a bit too harsh. On the contrary, a trip to the refrigerator or wine cooler with water and ice cubes, will induce the freshness in the light wines of Beaujolais or Loire, and make them ideal for the patio or the picnic.
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