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Rosendahl Grand Cru Wine Pourer

allows for a greater taste sensation
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Rosendahl Grand Cru Wine Pourer
The Grand Cru Wine pourer allows the running wine to keep a constant low pace and spreads out the wine as it is poured.
This allows it to aerate over a larger surface area on its way into the glass. At the same time the sharp edge prevents splashes and running drops.
In short, this allows for a greater taste sensation.
Did you know that you should pour wine with the label turned up?
Well, because wine bottles are always matured lying down, in order for the cork to remain damp and not contract to let in oxygen. The bottles are stacked with the label turned up, so the wine can be recognized on the shelf without having to disrupt its lying position.
During maturation, the wine's "depot" or residuum collects on the underside of the wine and older wines should stand upright for at least 24 hrs, before opening. The depot will now collect in the bottom of the bottle's back side.
The glow of a candle beneath the chest of the bottle makes it easier to control the depot while pouring the wine and allows you to stop pouring in time. And the good host always pours a bit in his own glass first, to take care of any possible cork residue.

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