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Montreal Akro-Tumbling Track for self assembly

Trampolines - Akro-Tumbling Track for self assembly
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Montreal Akro-Tumbling Track for self assembly
We would like to present a new attractive idea. By undertaking the work yourself, you will save approximately 25 % of the original costs. The SPIETH Montreal Tumbling track, that has proven itself over many years is now available as a complete construction set. The construction set will be offered with a minimum order of 9 individual plates. 9 or 11 elements are ideal, that is a total length of 10.89 or 13.42 m, as these sizes will fit in with most of the existing 12 or 14 m floor gymnastics carpets. The construction set consists of: spring plates sized: 1.2x2.00 m wide (min. 9 plates) special plywood pressure distribution plates brushed wool and Velcro bands different spring elements with different hardness and thicknesses special hot melt glue with hot melt glue gun stapler with brackets comprehensive assembly instructions. Naturally, we will also deliver the floor gymnastics carpet belonging to the set, if they are not already available. We recommend 35 mm thick Flexi

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