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Jaques of London Electra Football Table

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Jaques of London Electra Football Table
A classy addition to any batchelor pad, family home or girl's world, this classic table football game is guaranteed to become an addiction, if not an obsession. Whether the World Cup inspires you, or has you pacing the house with frustration, table football could well be the answer. It's simple, it's addictive, and it doesn't involved circuit training, endurance building or pose a threat to your dodgy hamstring. Unless you get really excited.
Show off your style and tone your technique in the comfort of your own home... you'll have those little red and blue men swivelling on a sixpence (or a shiny chrome rod, actually) as your skills take shape.
This pedigree table is of a strong bolted construction, featuring an attractive ash finish, square legs and sleek chrome rods. Hey, it's even got a sophisticated automatic scoring system, so all you need to concentrate on is your game.
Maker Jaques is the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world. John Jaques II introduced croquet and table tennis to England, no less, and it spread like wildfire, becoming the new vogue across Europe and the British Empire.
Dimensions are approx. 48" x 24"

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