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Portable pressurised steam cleaner
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The lightweight SteamShark lets you apply the efficiency of high-pressure steam-cleaning to almost any surface in and around the home, without detergents or chemicals. Using super-heated 'dry' steam, it effortlessly shifts dirt, grease and stains in the bathroom, kitchen, oven, hard and vinyl floors, living areas, carpets and upholstery, windows and patio. Its also great for cleaning cars, boats and caravans, inside and out - especially alloy wheels. Onboard stainless steel boiler heats 1.2 litres of water to 120 C in 3-5 mins, generating steam that's 94-96% dry. It also continues to emit steam for up to 5 mins after unplugging so you can use it where mains power doesn't reach. Steam gun and hose come with carrying strap, extension tubes, floor brush head, cotton cloth, detail nozzle and brush (for small spaces), brush adaptor and window cleaner.

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