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SHARK V19015

Handheld Steam Cleaner
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SHARK V19015
Hold the supreme cleaning power in the palm of your hand with the Shark V19015 handheld steam cleaner. Sanitise work surfaces, sinks, baths and around bathroom furniture, cooker hoods, cupboards and even upholstery, the Shark V19015 is compact and lightweight making it the perfect all-round cleaning companion. Watch as the steam effortlessly dissolves grease and grime to make cooker tops sparkle, while dirty soap scum is lifted from baths and basins with ease. Just fill with cold tap water and the V19015 releases a powerful flow of steam through the microfibre pocket. Use different pocket attachments to suit the area youre tackling, and just put in the washing machine when youre done. Say goodbye to the nasty germs and bacteria gathered around your toilet and other surfaces, just steam away with the Shark V19015 handheld steam cleaner.

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