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POLTI Lecoaspira 705

Steam and Vacuum Cleaner
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POLTI Lecoaspira 705
If you vacuum your home but can?t face wet or steam cleaning it occasionally, get a good-looking appliance that does both. The DS Ponti PVGB0019 VT AS 705 Lecoaspira steam and vacuum system has been carefully designed to give you this freedom of choice. First off, it?s an efficient 1200W bagless cylinder-type vacuum cleaner given a bright, elegant look by Italian stylists. It can vacuum dry or wet and is supplied with a 6m power cable. The Lecoaspira AS 705 also steam-cleans when you need it. Equipped with a 1.5L water tank and a pressurised stainless steel boiler pumping out 1250W power output, the cleaner has 5 levels of steam adjustment and a steam ready indicator. The system delivers up to 100g/min, safely, as and when you want it. Steam used in this way to deep-clean your home, leaving it fresh and thoroughly clean, removes the need for you to use powerful chemical products instead. An Eco-Active water filter and a washable HEPA trapping dust mites and other tiny grains o

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