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POLTI ECO Pro 300 Lux

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POLTI ECO Pro 300 Lux
Stainless Steel Tank Guaranteed for 1 year. Does not allow lime-scale to stick. Simply flush out with cold water after 2-3 uses.
2.5 Litre Capacity Allows upto 2 hours usage. Illuminated water level indicator. Acoustic signal when water is finished.
Uses Only Tap Water Saves money on costly chemicals and is kinder to the environment.
Super Heats steam to 150oC - (120oC at point application) Dry steams carpets, upholstery, mattresses dry to the touch in minutes, kills germs, bacteria, household dust mites giving health benefits to Asthma and Allergy sufferers.
Cleans Any Households Surface Versatile and faster than conventional cleaning methods.
Optional Iron With the optional iron the appliance is transformed into Vaporella, the UK's brand leading steam generator iron.
Pressostat Ensures steam is delivered at constant temperature from 0 -70 grams/ min (variable steam).
Super Power System For even more powerful steam in a shorter time.
Polti Patented Safety Cap Ensures steam tank cannot be opened whilst pressure remains.
'No Volt' The ' No Volt ' control located on the handle switches the steam on and off without using electricity in the handle.
Steam Operation Switch On/Off switch allows steam to be released via handset for ease of use.
Ready Light On powering up the light goes out when ready for cleaning. It is normal for this light to cycle on and off as the temperature is maintained.
Water Tank Empty Light
Pressure Gauge Visual indication
Power 2200W Rapid heat up time.
Automatic Cable Winder
Accessories Included As Standard High-pressure lance - designed to reach the most inaccessible places. Ideal for cleaning radiators, blinds etc. Triangular brush - with flexible joint and clips for cloths, ideal for tight corners.

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