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Polti 2400 Vaporetto

Ecological Steam Cleaner
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Polti 2400 Vaporetto
Poltis cleaner transforms ordinary tap water into very fine, dry, high-pressure steam heated to 120°C which releases and dissolves dirt and grease faster and more effectively than conventional methods.Its aluminium tank provides one hours worth of variable steam cleaning and it will handle carpets, upholstery and mattresses - leaving them dry to the touch within minutes. At the same time this cleaner also kills germs, bacteria, household dust mites giving health benefits to asthma and allergy sufferers. With a steam release on handset for ease of use the Pressostat facility ensures steam is delivered at constant temperature from 0 - 70 grams per minute and Poltis patented safety cap ensures the steam tank cannot be opened whilst the pressure remains. Also features a Ready indicator light, Water tank empty light and instructional video.

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