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CREATIVE 70SB009002012

Soundblaster Audigy Player PCI SB1394
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CREATIVE 70SB009002012
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Player - Sound card - plug-in card - PCI - Creative Audigy
With its breakthrough in processing power, the Sound Blaster Audigy Player sets a new standard in realistic audio for the PC enthusiast. It incorporates multi-channel, 24-bit digital/analogue conversion to give an incredible signal-to-noise ratio of some 100dB and crystal-clear, hiss-free audio perfect for PC gaming and music. And with its EAX Advanced HD 3D technology, it also supports incredible multiple sound imaging and positioning effects and environments. Gaming will never be the same again! There's also SB1394 connectivity, which allows high bandwidth connection to external storage devices, digital video cameras and even other PCs. That's why the Sound Blaster Audigy Player delivers the ultimate PC audio and gaming experience.

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