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CREATIVE 70SB009002001

SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum PCI 2xSB1394 Audigy Drive Unit
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CREATIVE 70SB009002001
Tap into unprecedented high-definition audio and extensive, front-panel connectivity with Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum. You'll experience incredible audio clarity. The increased power of the Audigy chip enables EAX ADVANCED HD to deliver a host of innovative, high-definition audio effects with next generation interactive 3D audio for gaming and sophisticated effects for music. The front-panel connectivity of the Audigy drive has the most comprehensive connectors for analog or digital devices including home-stereo receivers, Optical DATs, MIDI devices, and professional audio gear. You'll also have the advantage of high-speed connectivity to devices like DV camcorders, digital audio players, external hard drives, and high-speed CD-RWs

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