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Theres Something About Mary UMD Movie PSP

Theres Something About Mary UMD Movie for PSP
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Theres Something About Mary UMD Movie PSP
Filled with endless laughs and unbelievable sight gags, this delightfully outlandish romantic comedy is a hysterical smash hit! Still suffering from a High School crush on Mary (Cameron Diaz), the nerdy, angst-driven Ted (Ben Stiller) tracks her down thirteen years later with the help of a sleazy private investigator (Matt Dillon) who also falls for her. Unfortunately, both men discover that virtually every man who sets his eyes on the dazzling Mary finds himself head over heels in love and determined to win her hand. The wacky Farrelly Brothers have pushed the envelope, again, creating another outrageous movie experience guaranteed to make you laugh and keep you coming back for more. Director: Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly Year: 1998 Duration: 1 hour and 54 minutes

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