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The Company Of Wolves UMD Movie PSP

The Company Of Wolves - UMD Movie for PSP
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The Company Of Wolves UMD Movie PSP
The desire.... The fantasy.... The nightmare.... Young Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson) lies dreaming in her bed. A violent nightmare transports her back in time to a world of primeval forests and werewolves. In this netherworld she learns that her only sister has been killed by a wolf. Her grandmother (Angela Lansbury) weaves vivid tales of folklore and fantasy with warnings of fantastic beasts that lurk within men and foretelling the fate of all young girls who stray from the path... The Company Of Wolves is a unique excursion into horror - bathed in sensual imagery, punctuated with nightmarish special effects, a modern classic! Director: Neil Jordan Year: 1984 Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes

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