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Metropolis UMD Movie PSP

Metropolis UMD Movie for PSP
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Metropolis UMD Movie PSP
The industrial tycoon Fredersen (Alfred Abel) rules over the divided city Metropolis. The elite reside in skyscrapers; the workers live deep underground. Maria (Brigitte Helm), the heroine from the Underground City, turns up in the eternal gardens where the sons of the wealthy amuse themselves; Freder (Gustav Froehlich), the rulers son, falls in love with her. His father commissions the inventor Rotwang (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) to make the robot he is working on look like Maria. The artificial Maria is supposed to incite the workers to unrest so that the authorities have an excuse to crack down on them all the more brutally. The plan is successful - the workers destroy the machines. But in doing so, they flood the Underground City... Although it seems that a quarter of Fritz Langs Metropolis is irretrievably lost, the film, after having been reconstructed by Enno Patalas in the 1980s and a digital restoration commissioned by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Foundation, can now be

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