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Scee B Boy PSP

B-Boy - PSP Game (Barcode EAN = 0711719621973).
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Scee B Boy PSP
The first and only authentic break-dancing title on PSP stays true to the spirit of B-Boying thanks to the wireless functionality - giving you the freedom to battle on the move - anytime and anywhere - just as B-Boy competitions were meant to be. Featuring real life B-Boy characters, every in-game move is motion-captured from the experts, including moves taken from world famous Redbull athlete, Crazy Legs, who also acts as game MC and end of level boss. Battling around the world, B-Boy features real locations and events, accompanied by the sound of a licensed Hip-Hop and classic Funk soundtrack with each track being selected by the B-Boys featured in-game. Progress through play by taking on 40 of the worlds greatest B-Boy personalities, and pull off unique moves and outrageous combos to become number one.

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