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KOEI Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days PSP

Disgaea: 2 Dark Hero Days - PSP Game
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KOEI Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days PSP
In the peaceful world of Veldime, humans rarely encountered monsters. That was until Overlord Zenon cursed the land and all who reside within. With the curse in place, the humans became monsters and ravaged the world. It is up to Adell, the last remaining human, to oppose Overlord Zenons tyranny and restore peace and harmony to Veldime.
In Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, players take on the role of a young fighter named Adell and travel the Netherworld to defeat the evil overlord Zenon. Battles take place on a 3D gridbased field. During combat, players take turns with the enemy to move and attack.
The PSP version adds all-new story chapters with a new main character, Axel, adding even more replay value to the already feature-packed title. With new characters, skills, items, and battle system, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is ready to please even the most hardcore SRPG enthusiasts

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