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EIDOS Championship Manager 2007 PSP

Championship Manager 2007 - PSP Game (Barcode EAN = 5021290027893).
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EIDOS Championship Manager 2007 PSP
# Updated Data - Player and Club data accurate to August Transfer Window
# 2 New leagues Conference North and South, and a comprehensive update to player, staff, club, league and confederation data.
# Updates to code and data side of competitions and countries that have changed since the January 2006 transfer window.
# Technical Match Analysis Tool (Prozone): An under the bonnet reveal of all that the players are doing in the match. Tackles, passes, shots, runs all are viewable with statistical information.
# Overhauled Front End Interface: All new skins, with Dynamic Side Bar and Menu Shortcut system ensuring the old and new school fans are catered for.
# Staff Feedback with Improved AI: including recommendations for players to transfer list and identification of weaknesses in your squad. Listen to recommendations based on team selection and formation, and your opponents.
# Multi Threaded Match Resolver: significant speedups to our already leading technology advantage.
# New Game Modes: 8/9 exciting Challenge Modes at club and international level as well as the traditional Champ Man over 15-20 seasons with the option to stop playing after 3 seasons.
# Enhanced Transfer System: The transfer system will be updated for Season 06/07 and will feature greater support for the rules of specific countries and their divisions/leagues and improved transfer negotiations.
# News and Media: An enhanced news and media system will allow the manager to make press releases and be the focus of media hate campaigns. Greater use of fan, player, manager and pre-match build up categories will further enhance the variety of the news and media.
# Expanded Job Information: Now includes a Job Centre where the manager can advertise for a new assistant. Define the job role and contract details and see who applies

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