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Atari Battle Zone PSP

Battle Zone - PSP Game (Barcode EAN = 3546430124185). (Barcode EAN = 3546430124185). (Barcode EAN = 3546430127117).
4 out of 5
Atari Battle Zone PSP
# Fast paced arena combat - Quick, action-oriented battles that can be squeezed in at work or school and feeds the addictive desire for another quick rematch
# Networked Multiplayer Head to head duels up to 8 player tournaments using wireless connection
# Tournament structure Focuses single player gameplay that is easy for casual gamers to understand and provides a solid structure for multiplayer games
# Highly polished sports-broadcast style presentation Communicates key information using the play-by-play style and vocabulary of popular sports broadcasts
# Downloadable content Using the USB connection players can connect to a PC and download new vehicles, challenges, music and customized arenas

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