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Atari Arthur and the Invisibles PSP

Arthur and the Invisibles - PSP Game (Barcode EAN = 3546430123638).
Atari Arthur and the Invisibles PSP
Based on the books by famous French film director Luc Besson, Arthur is well on course to be the biggest European animated movie.
Featuring the voices of Madonna, Snoop Dogg, David Bowie and Mia Farrow Arthur also features actors such as Penny Balfour (24) and Freddie Highmore (who played Charlie bucket in the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) adds the voice of Arthur.
The story follows Arthur as he visits his Grand Ma only to find out that her house is under re-possession. Arthur believes that the answer to the problem lies with his Grand Pas treasure but Grand Pa and the treasure have disappeared. While Arthur searches for the treasure he is transported to the world of the Minimoys and is reduced to a tenth of an inch. After meeting Princess Selenia and Betameche the trio follow a series of adventures in search of the treasure until finally meeting the Evil Maltazard played by David Bowie

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