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PALM Zire 31

A color handheld
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PALM Zire 31
A color handheld that fits your budget. Introducing a highly personal way to keep your schedule, look up phone numbers, store photos of family and friends and listen to digital music. The small and light Zire� 31 handheld from palmOne features a bright colour display, photo viewer software and a built-in MP31 player - all at a price your budget will love. See things clearly on a colour screen. A display that�s bright, colourful, and easy to read is exactly what you�ll find with the Zire 31 handheld. It�s ideal for reading text, seeing photos and playing games. Be as organised as you want to be. The Agenda view lets you see your day at a glance. It synchronises with Outlook2 and offers colour-coded categories so you can track your schedule and those of your family, work, school and more. The ability to attach a photo to a contact means you can always put a face to a name. Play MP3s.1 Carry your MP3 music with you wherever you go, and listen to them using the speaker or add

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