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Xplosiv Starsky & Hutch PC

Starsky and Hutch, for PC CD-ROM
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Xplosiv Starsky & Hutch PC
Jump into the classic "Gran Torino" and be the coolest cops in town! Control the streetwise Starsky and the soft-spoken Hutch, and solve the toughest cases in the roughest neighbourhoods. Helped along by the cool jive-talking of Huggy Bear, get ready for a high-speed chase to catch the bad guys!
The Officially Licensed Game of the massive 70s TV series "Starsky & Hutch. Live The Dream!
A full AI-driven traffic system with hundreds of cars, all of which obey the laws of the road (except for the felons that Starsky and Hutch chase on a regular basis!).
Single player and two player co-operative play (where driving and shooting are performed separately).
Integrated story trajectory and narrative created by Matt Costello, the scriptwriter of Seventh Guest.
The coolest unlockable extras around! New vehicles, play modes, exclusive interviews and much more...

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