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Vivendi The Energy Thieves PC

PC Games - The Energy Thieves
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Vivendi The Energy Thieves PC
A malicious robot is stripping planet Celesta of its 4 vital resources: water, wood, minerals and lava stone. Its down to you to stop the mysterious villain and his gang. Embark on a heartbeating mission, take part in breathtaking races and face off against devious robots to bring peace back to the planet!
Embark on a breathtaking mission to save planet Celesta!
Weave your way through the forest and avoid its hazards!
Explore 4 breathtaking worlds throughout your quest!
Take on devious robots!
Drive Adiboos cool Aeroscooter!
Diverse content with 14 levels:
4 platform games
5 races
5 bosss
Adaptable gameplay for children of all ages!
Extended gameplay for hours of fun!
Colourful 3D environment

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