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Vivendi BloodRayne 2 PC

PC Games - BloodRayne 2 (Barcode EAN = 3348542197343).
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Vivendi BloodRayne 2 PC
BloodRayne 2 once again stars the super-sexy, super-lethal, supernatural anti-heroine, BloodRayne. BloodRayne 2 features everything gamers expect from the series such as horrific bosses; gruesome locations; fast-paced combat and weaponry. Plus a whole range of new features bring the series to another level: acrobatic combat on poles, new supernatural powers, railsliding, advanced melee combat with fatality moves and lots more carnage. Help BloodRayne destroy The Shroud - an eternal darkness that will twist the city into a nightmarish perversion where vampires can roam freely without fear of the sunlight. BloodRayne must destroy The Shroud before humanity is doomed forever.

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