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Virgin Baldurs Gate Throne Of Bhaal Add On PC

Baldurs Gate - Throne Of Bhaal (Bg2 Add On) PC Games
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Virgin Baldurs Gate Throne Of Bhaal  Add On PC
In the final chapter of the epic Bhaal saga, return to Baldur`s Gate II: Shadows of Amn and unravel the mysteries of a dangerous new dungeon - Watcher`s Keep. Continue with an exhilarating new adventure when you explore unseen lands, encounter firece villains, and gain powerful high-level abilites as you achieve your ultimate destiny in Baldur`s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.
Adventure deep into the lands of Teghyr and complete the compelling saga as you fulfill your destiny as a Child of Bhaal!
Uncover the mysteries of Watcher`s Keep, a deadly new dungeon, where you will encounter an ancient evil of awesome power.
Cast power new spells like Wish and Bigby`s Hand spells as your character climbs as high as 40th level with an experience point cap of 8 million!
Gain amazing high-level abilities; new combat feats for fighters, deadly new traps for thieves, special quest spells for clerics and 9th level spells for mages.
Play a new charachter kit, the Wild Mage.
Fight and summon awe-inspiring D&D creatures during your search for artifacts, relics and other legendary magic items!

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