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Jump Ahead Nursery PC

Jump Ahead - Nursery - PC Game
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Jump Ahead Nursery PC
Take a trip into town and visit the bakery, the fire station, the airport and much more. Developed with Nursery teachers, this program is packed with irresistible activities and delightful songs designed to help children explore early learning concepts while presenting social concepts such as sharing, good manners and safety.
Learn to recognise upper and lower case letters - Unscramble the titles on the screen to make letters for your T-shirt.
Count and match numbers and quantities - Match the number of balloons to the corresponding number on the carousel to give the mouse a ride.
Find matching objects and word pairs - Uncover hidden objects and memorise their position to match pairs at the fire station.
Practice ordering in the cafe - Listen to Kathys instructions, and then serve up the items in the right order. Learn to use comparative language such as biggest/smallest, lightest/darkest.
Features Include:
9 educational activities.
6 learning songs.
Multiple difficulty levels.
Assessment Technology.
Progress Report.
Printable Workbook.

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