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combat mission pc

combat mission pc game
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combat mission pc
100 Mb Hard disk space
32 Mb RAM
3D graphics and dynamic stereo sound effects
50 scenarios and operations
64 Mb RAM
Accurate historical campaigns
CD drive
DirectX 7.0 or 8.0 compatible video-and sound- card
Dozens of single missions
Editor for creating your own battles and operations
Internet/ LAN/ PBEM head to head play
Over 100 infantry types
Over 120 different vehicles
Pentium 200 or higher
Random scenario generator
Seven campaigns.
Six nations
Windows 98/ME
Combat Mission lets you replay some of World War II`s most famous Western Front battles. Units take the form of individual vehicles and squads, and each turn is one minute long. Playing as either the Allies or Axis, you and your opponent both pre-specify your combat strategy and moves are then executed simultaneously with enemy units moving and firing at the same time as yours. 3D landscapes, varied missions and realistic detail and sound effects make for a powerful, compelling experience.

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