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Atrox PC

Atrox for PC
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Atrox PC
Choose to play single, custom or multi-player
Choose from Melee, Fusion, Survival or Fusion Survival modes
Multi-play support for up to 8 players through IPX or TCP/IP
Use of battle formations
Human technological interface
Game-Play recording
Character level-up system
Use of battle formation
Human technological interface
Unique three races and composition of characteristic units
System Windows 98 / Me / 2000
Computer IBM Compatible, Celeron 300Mhz or higher, 64MB Ram or higher
Disk Drive CD-Rom driver more than X8, Hard drive more than 100MB
Video Card Video card of at least 2Mb
Sound Card Sound Blaster Compatible of at least 16Bit
Mouse more than 2 buttons, Direct X 8.0 Modem and network card for multi-game
In 2334 AD, a descendent of Albert Einstein attempted to separate the good and evil present in humans into two different types of cells - the Black and White angels. The Black angels gave rise to special human cyborgs called Createse, while the White angels gave rise to the Intelion. Now the Createse, Intelion and the last humans on the planet (known as Hominians) have to fight it out for their own land in this Real Time Strategy (RTS) simulation game, ATROX. Suitable for players age 15 and over

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