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Aquanox for PC

aquanox game
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Aquanox for PC
30 single-player missions
Authentic underwater physics and graphics
Conquer deep sea cities, lonely canyons and dangerous abysses
Deathmatch modes
Eight-player multiplayer option
Nine player ships
Operating System: Win 98, Win 95, Win NT. DirectX 7.0 Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM 3D accelerator with 8MB RAM (TNT2, Voodoo 3) 8x CD-ROM Windows compatible sound card
Over 40 different opponents, including giant creatures of the deep
During the 27th century, greed and man`s lust for power lead ultimately to an all out nuclear war and the total destruction of the earth`s surface. The survivors withdraw themselves to the depths of the world`s oceans where they begin the painfully slow process of building a new world - Aqua. But a secret scientific experiment goes badly awry and hitherto concealed caverns are now collapsing, releasing ancient gods taking the form of horrifying monsters. Your mission is to defeat these and other threats - including bloodthirsty pirates, determined military power blocs and corrupt politicians - thereby safeguarding the future of Aqua and the continuation of the human race.

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