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UBI SOFT Uprising 2 Lead And Destroy PC

Uprising 2: Lead And Destroy - PC Games
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UBI SOFT Uprising 2 Lead And Destroy PC
Unbeknownst to the vast majority of humanity, mankind has been at war with the Trichs for over 1500 years. At the outset of the war, the dictatorial Imperium kept the populace informed of military events, but information soon dried up with the discovery of alien technology on the planet Albion. Eventually, so much time passed that the reality of the war was just a memory to the civilian--and much of the military--population.
When the New Alliance was founded, great pains were taken to dissolve what were felt to be Imperial lies. Included on the "black list" were several databases pertaining to the Trich and the war. Because the Alliance could find no reputable sources (i.e., anyone who had not worked in the upper levels of the Imperium hierarchy) to corroborate the information found in the databases, they discarded them as Imperial propaganda.
Reports of the recent Trich invasion of the Nova Brunei system have caused New Alliance High Command to scramble in an attempt to find any surviving information on the Trich. Against all odds, a single database is discovered in a long-forgotten Imperial storage facility on the third moon of AB-67, in the Galapagos Cluster. While this database is corrupt, and much of the data lost, it still provides enough information on the Trich to allow the Alliance to form what they hope to be a viable strategy against this "new" foe.
Research and development in the days of the Imperium had functionally stagnated. Channeling most of their resources into military production, the only new technology they'd "developed" was actually the alien technology that was found on Albion. These discoveries made both the Wraith and teleportation possible. Unfortunately for the Imperium, they were unable to make full use of either, and this contributed to their eventual collapse.
Although the Alliance's destruction of existing Imperial records resulted in near catastrophe, they have decided to learn from their predecessor's mistakes. In the short history of the Alliance, major advances have been made in armor and weapon systems. These new technologies are in the process of being disseminated among Alliance forces. More importantly, the Alliance has recognized the importance of the Wraith in their battle for survival against the Trich. As a result, it has been placed in mass production, and development of new weapon systems for the Wraith is a number one priority.

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