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UBI SOFT Morrowind Add-On Tribunal PC

Morrowind Add-On: Tribunal for PC
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UBI SOFT Morrowind Add-On Tribunal PC
Troubled times have come to Mournhold. A ruthless new king has taken the throne, removing andy enemies that stand in his way. Meanwhile, the goddess Almalexia searches for ways to restore her waning power and the god Sotha Sil has plans that may threaten all of Morrowind The fate of Morrowind is in your hands... again.
Travel to majestic Mournhold, the ancient capital city of Morrowind.
Unravel the mysteries of The Clockwork City of Sotha Sil.
Delve into new epic-sized dungeons.
Battle Goblins , Liches and the mysterious Fabricants.
Sort quests and annotate maps in the new Journal system.
Experience new quests, armour, weapons and more.
Can be played by any character at any point in Morrowind

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