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Catz - PC Game
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Adopt and raise a cute kitten of your own!
Choose your own adorable kitten, then raise and train it just like you would a real cat. Watch your kitten grow, play and learn - reward it for good behaviour, but remember to look after it because it will run away if it feels neglected!
Love and care for your kitten and youll be best friendz for life! Teach your clever kitten all kinds of tricks such as lie down and hide. Enter your kitten in talent shows or complete "tricks of the day" to earn money to buy cute outfits, toys and food. You and your kitten can decorate your house together!
- Choose from Abyssinian, Siamese, Maine Coon, Bengal and Burmese kittens.
- Feed, clean and take care of your kitten.
- Play with your kitten indoors and outside.
- Take photos for your scrapbook.
- Printable adoption certificate.
- Over 120 items available for your pet.

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