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THQ CIA Operative Solo Missions PC

PC Games - CIA Operative Solo Missions (Barcode EAN = 0755142320027).
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THQ CIA Operative Solo Missions PC
In the post-Cold War intelligence arena, Americas enemies hide in plain sight. Terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and organized crime are the new threats to the U.S. way of life. These foes are battled by armies of one. Highly trained experts in weapons, language, and disguise infiltrate these organizations wand disable them from within. You are Jack Noel, an operative. You will covertly enter the hot spots of the world and alter the balance of power in those regions. The U.S. disavows any knowledge of you and your actions - while it relies on you to ensure its very future. Stealth, cunning and execution are all that stand between you and certain death. Defend your shores one assignment at a time. Its a New World Order

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