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The Learning Company Zoombinis Special Pack PC

Zoombinis Special Pack for PC/Mac
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The Learning Company Zoombinis Special Pack PC
This special pack contains 3 CDs:
Zoombinis Maths Journey: Observations, problem solving, data analysis, Pattern finding and Data organisation
Zoombinis Mountain Rescue: Hypothesis testing, algebraic thinking, data sorting/ordering and graphing, permutations and binary numbers
Bonus CD jam-packed with extra stuff such as printable dominos, zoombinis Bingo, a board game, logic activities and much more
PC: Pentium 133MHz or greater, 32MB RAM, 40MB hard drive space, 16MB graphic card, CD-ROM drive
Mac: Power PC 180MHz or greater, 64MB RAM, 200MB hard drive space, 8x CD-ROM drive, Operating System: 8.6 to 9.1 OS X

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