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RAGE Eurofighter Typhoon and Eurocopter Tiger PC

Eurofighter Typhoon and Eurocopter Tiger - PC
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RAGE Eurofighter Typhoon and Eurocopter Tiger PC
Take to the air in the hottest military hardware on the planet. The Eurofighter Typhoon and Eurocopter Tiger offer scorching performance for the budding Top Gun pilot looking to achieve air superiority and domination of the battlefield.
The Typhoon is widely regarded as the finest modern fighter aircraft ever built and it is easy to see why with state of the art avionics in a high performance airframe that offers unprecedented control and maneuverability. The Eurofighter Typhoon is so intuitive to fly it seems to merge seamlessly with the pilot, blending pilot and aircraft into the ultimate combat machine. With 22 variants from a range of European nations, each painstakingly recreated and complete with highly detailed custom animations and a range of ordnance this Typhoon is so real you can almost feel the G-forces!
In partnership with the Typhoon, the Eurocopter Tiger also showcases the pinnacle of European military aviation with an attack helicopter that singlehandedly rewrites the rulebook on rotary combat. With 5 ultra-realistic variants including armed reconnaissance, air to air combat, and the devastating Tiger UHT tank killer this collection really packs a punch!
Whether pushing the performance envelope of the astounding Eurofighter Typhoon at supersonic speed or methodically decimating the battlefield with the Eurocopter Tiger one thing is certain, these elite aircraft demand the finest pilots and reward the best of the best with an experience of a lifetime. If you have the stamina then strap yourself in ....

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