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Mindscape Cypher Code Of Ruin PC

Cypher: Code Of Ruin - PC Games
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Mindscape Cypher Code Of Ruin PC
Cypher: Code of Ruin is a challenging adventure game with masses of historical content. Rendered in real time 3D, utilizing the "NetImmerse" engine from NDL technologies, the game is played in third person view.
Set in an ancient Babylonian location, Cypher compellingly combines brain-teasing challenges and exploration. The historically rich and beautifully rendered ancient environments, strong and believable main character and puzzles of different types and difficulty are complimented by the "James Bond meets Indiana Jones" like storyline of espionage and stealth.
The player must conquer a series of devious and sometimes deadly challenges, originally built as part of the initiation rites of the Babylonian priesthood. This will place demands on both the player's intellect and motor skills.

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