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Midas International Cue Club PC

International Cue Club - PC Game
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Midas International Cue Club PC
Step inside the CueClub and challenge the hustlers to a game of snooker or pool in any of eight virtual chat rooms. Can you charm the lovely Charlie in to taking you on in the Saloon Bar. How about challenging Sauza to a frame of snooker in the hedonistic Penthouse?
Raise your game and make a name for yourself in the virtual chat rooms. Insult, flatter and challenge the guys and girls in the CueClub and proclaim yourself the King of Snooker and Pool in your bid for the access-all-areas Gold Card.
In CueClub you are able to play UK and US 8-ball, 9-ball, Snooker, Speed Ball and Killer and can fully configure the rules of each game. Add photo-realistic graphics, highly accurate physics and sound that even features the roll of balls under the table and you have an astounding title.
8 differently-themed chat rooms, each with their own atmosphere.
Unique Virtual Chat system allows you to greet, challenge, flatter or insult any of the computer opponents on your way to the top.
Wide variety of cues and tables, each with their own individual look and gameplay properties.
Win many different trophies, ball-sets and baize patterns throughout the game.
Atmospheric lighting and smoke effects help create an ideal bar room gaming experience.
Dynamic dance tracks, seventies funk and even good ol Country and Western music ooze from each individual chat room.

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