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MICROSOFT Age of Empires II Gold Edition PC

Age of Empires II Gold Edition PC
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MICROSOFT Age of Empires II Gold Edition PC
Age of Empire Gold Edition features Age of Empires and The Conquerors Expansion in one gaming bundle
Age of Empires - Command one of twelve ancient civilisations, from Egyptian to Greek, all with unique attributes based on their historical counterparts
Over 40 preset scenarios and individual campaigns for multiplay
From the Stone Age to the Age of Iron, you have 10,000 years of real-time evolution to build your tribe into a flourishing empire
Sparta versus Athens, Persia versus Greece, command powerful armies in some of antiquitys greatest battles
The Conquerors Expansion - Experience all the conflict, intrigue, greed, and power as gameplay covers campaigns based on infamous conquerors, such as Attila the Hun
Send powerful new units into the heat of battle
Chart new strategies for developing and conquering in four new map types
Choose from five new civilisations
Pentium 166 mhz or advanced
Operating system Microsoft Windows 95/98/WME/NT
32 Mb of memory RAM for Windows
Unit CD-rom to advanced speed 4x or
Graphical card SVGA with monitor colours 16 bit
Mouse Microsoft peripheral of compatible tracking
Audio card 16 bit with caps or loudspeakers

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