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Microids Dracula Origin PC

Dracula: Origin - PC Game
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Microids Dracula Origin PC
Mysteries, riddles, love, fear and vampires... Dracula: Origin plunges you into a fantastic, gothic and romantic story. From Victorian England to the disquieting Transylvanian mountains, hurl yourself in pursuit of the Prince of Darkness through a succession of flamboyant scenes and magnificent gothic decors. Supported by impeccable graphics, a solid scenario and numerous riveting puzzles, Dracula: Origin will engage you in an unforgettable gaming experience throughout this major adventure game.
A fantastic, gothic, romantic atmosphere faithful to Bram Stokers original universe for a total immersion in the adventure.
A relentless hunt throughout several countries, in pursuit of one of the most terrifying characters in fantastic literature.
Superb graphics combining 2D environments and 3D characters backed by an excellent scenario.
Interact with more than 40 characters. Use and combine more than 150 objects belonging to the vampire world (stake, statue, garlic, mirror...).
Help system that shows the interactive possibilities (objects and actions) to help players in need.

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