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Lucas arts Star Wars Galactic Battle Grounds (PC)

Star Wars Galactic Battle Grounds for PC
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Lucas arts Star Wars Galactic Battle Grounds (PC)
Familiar Star Wars locales, characters, and music
Uses the familiar Age of Empires II interface
Main campaign spans all the films
Combat arenas extend from interstellar asteroids and aerial encounters to submerged cities and ground battles
Command vast legions of units of up to 200 per side - with groups that include bounty hunters, Jedi Knights, stormtroopers, X-Wings, AT-ATs, snowspeeders, AT-STs, Wookiee Kas tanks, and droids
Manage your resources and integrate the power of upgradable technology into your strategy, such as Wookiee ingenuity, advanced Gungan biotechnology, and Jedi stamina
Each technology level brings new elements, new challenges and new forces
Use the scenario editor to create custom single - or multiplayer battlegrounds with virtually any Star Wars units and settings

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