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Lego Lego Friends PC

Lego Friends - PC Game
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Lego Lego Friends PC
Join a girls band, create music and dances to become No. 1 pop stars
Friends have more fun, especially when theyre Anita, Emma, Mimi, Joolz and your special friend.
Join them on the road to stardom, making up songs and dance routines, as you prepare to express yourself in the bands ultimate gig at school.
Key Features:
Music & Dance - Make music with Anita and help Emma work out a dance routine to go with it.
Self-expression - Use the scrapbook to really express yourself, customise your best friend, display your snapshots and keep a secret diary.
Fun - Meet up with your friends and have fun practising for the big gig at school.
Hang out with friends around town.
Dance and make up songs.
Phone the boys for the latest news.
Take pictures from your scrapbook.

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