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KOCH Transport Giant Down Under PC

Transport Giant: Down Under (Add-On) - PC Games
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KOCH Transport Giant Down Under PC
Who could not be fascinated by the appeal of the smallest continent and largest island of our planet? Australias flora and fauna alone are a world apart. And even its transport industry has its own rules and facets which promise an element of surprise. For instance, did you know that the Australian railroad network was not really completed until 1980, when the whole network was finally interconnected? This is why the significance of the railroad varies between the different parts of the country. While densely populated areas boast a rather well-developed railroad network, there are other parts that are hardly developed at all. At best, youll find long trains stretching for almost a mile, carrying vast quantities of ore at minimum speed. Waiting times of up to 15 minutes at grade crossings are nothing out of the ordinary. Should you ever happen to come across such a train - stop! Whatever the obstacle at a grade crossing, these monsters wont brake.

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