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Jo Wood Beam Breakers PC

Beam Breakers, PC CD-ROM
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Jo Wood Beam Breakers PC
PREPARE FOR THE REAL RUSH HOUR! Furturistic and over-populated skylines set the scene for a multitude of gangland missions and high-octane races with super-fast anti-gravity cars. Join a gang, get a car and feed you adrenalin addiction by entering highly-illegal AntiGrav races against other gangs. By winning races and completing dangerous missions you will gradually raise the profile of your gang and enhance your reputation as a cool, fast and aggressive driver within the criminal underworld which you have now become a part. As your notoriety grows, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle or steal a new one. Your missions are challenging, the races are tough, your opponents are aggressive. Do you have the courage to do whatever it takes? 57 missions, 30 fully upgradeable vehicles and 6-player network racing
Players: 1
OS: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT4
CPU: 400 MHz (750 MHz Recommended)
Ram: 64 MB (128 Recommended)
Disk Space: 500 MB
Direct X 8.1 Compatible Soundcard
16 MB 3D Graphics Card(32 MB Recommended)

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