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FLIGHTSOFT Ultimate Terrain Europe For MSFS 2004

PC Game - Ultimate Terrain - Europe - For MSFS 2004
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FLIGHTSOFT Ultimate Terrain Europe For MSFS 2004
Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, has released the 3rd product in their highly acclaimed Ultimate Terrain series. Using commercial data licensed from TeleAtlas Europe, in combination with Scenery Solutions own digital processing, Ultimate Terrain Europe is the biggest and best Ultimate Terrain release yet.
Extensive Road Network: Adds every available road from TeleAtlas commercial navigation data. Each road is accurately placed to match its real world location.
Railroads: Provides greatly enhanced railroad, including rail yards.
Spectacular Night Lighting: Adds a new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market. This feature will add actual points of light, to simulate street lights and automobiles. Previously, this functionality has only been seen in many professional flight simulators.
Accurate Water Data: The water features in Ultimate Terrain Europe are really something special. First, we use the commercial TeleAtlas water data set as a base, which is currently the most detailed, large-scale water data available for the European Region. Only the TeleAtlas data will draw all rivers and streams in their true polygon shapes, and not as textured lines. Scenery Solutions has then enhanced this data even further, by adding over 10,000 custom draw features from high-resolution satellite images. The end result is a FS2004 terrain that is more detailed then even the best maps of Europe.
Enhanced Coastline System: With UT Europe, we have revamped the way coastlines are drawn. Coastlines are sized appropriately, depending on the location. Wave effects are added where appropriate, but not overused in the detailed bays and harbors. To enhance the coastlines even further, UT Europe now provides sandy beaches where appropriate.
Landclass Enhancments: UT Europe will completely change the FS2004 urban landscape. You now get cities, towns and even small villages appearing in a much more accurate location, With UT Europe, you get a better use of existing FS2004 urban textures and it is fully compatible with popular products that replace the base FS2004 terrain textures.
Details, Details, Details: Also included in the product are detailed land polygons for things like parks, golf courses, commercial areas, industrial areas and of course the beaches. The polygons will align with the road boundaries, just like you would see them on high quality mapping services and GPS units.
Highly Configurable Interface: As with all UT Products, UT Europe is highly configurable,
with over 30 features that you can turn on and off to suit your personal needs.
Compatibility With Add On Scenery Products: We realize that many users have a collection of fine regional scenery products for Europe. We are currently working with many developers of scenery products for Europe, to achieve compatibility with Ultimate Terrain now and in the future.

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