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Encore Aquarium Deluxe 3 PC

Aquarium Deluxe 3 - PC Games
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Encore Aquarium Deluxe 3 PC
PC-Aquarium Deluxe 3.0 - The most realistic screensaver & desktop background!
PC-Aquarium Deluxe 3.0 is the newest version of the absolut realistic 3D aquarium with the most advanced
technologies in 3DVR and Biomechanics. Apart from additional fishes and many new functions you can use your own photos or images as aquarium background.
PC-Aquarium Deluxe 3.0 runs standalone, as screensaver or even as active desktop wallpaper. Like
real fishes, you can touch or feed them or just watch them swimming.
Real time 3D life like fish
Runs as desktop background, screensaver and standalone
Bonus pack with additional fish and aquariums
26 Species of Marine Tropical fish with realistic aquarium sound atmosphere
Supports MP3, Midi, etc. for personal background music
Realistic 3D fish
These fishes are animated in real time and behave like real fishes. Touch them, tickle them, feed them and even watch them swim elegantly in the most dazzling 3D aquarium!
Active Desktop
Runs as active desktop (wallpaper). You can watch your fish while you work.
Own Photos
Use your own photos from your last diving holidays or any other image. All common image formats are supported.
Up to 45 fish
PC-Aquarium Deluxe 3.0 supports up to 45 fish at the same time.
Bonus aquariums and fish
PC-Aquarium Deluxe comes with a bonus pack containing additional beautiful marine fish and backgrounds
Personal background music
Use your own personal background music to relax watching the fishes. All common music formats are supported: MP3, Wave, Midi and other formats

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