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EA Rugby 2001 PC

Rugby 2001 for PC
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EA Rugby 2001 PC
Thundering tackles, lightning pace. You're in the whirlwind that is the real world of international rugby. 20 real international rugby players. over 600 players with statistics taken from Rugby World Cup 1999. Unprecedented realism! Player statistics take n from Rugby world cup 1999. Unprecedented realism. Player characteristics such as build and height are true to life. The pitches will be gradually affected by weather conditions as the game goes on.
The players will gradually become dirtier on area of th eir kit that come into contact with the ground. 7 Game modes. World cup, Six Nations, Tri-Nations, Bledisloe Cup, Calcutta Cup, Friendly and training. Play by play commentary with Bill McLaren and Jamie Salmon. Over 25 real stadiums from around the world. This is all the stadia from the official world cup plus selected stadia from each region in the southern hemisphere recreated using advanced 3D technology

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