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EA Euro 2000 PC

Euro 2000 for PC
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EA Euro 2000 PC
Exclusive Euro 2000TM License - This is the only videogame allowing consumers to experience the tension of the qualifying rounds, the celebration of the event, the colour and excitement in the crowds, official event logos and the mascot, all set in the real stadiums. Distinctive Playing Styles - Each of the teams will have realistic distinctive playing characteristics, and favourite set plays. Also, team style will be described within Team Management, and so can be used as a tool for the user to plan a strategy for each match.
Game Modes - Play through qualifying as any of the 49 teams involved in that competition, including the playoffs for second placed teams. Then, move into the real tournament - the Finals. The last 16. Play against some of the greatest teams to grace the turf - Platini's France and Van Bastens Holland amongst them. Tactical Training section boasts a new feature allowing the user to practice against his own reserve team, whilst having them replicate the tactics and style of play of the next opponent in the competition. Skill Drill allows the user to practice and learn the special moves that are necessary to unlock the toughened defences within the game.
Set Pieces - specialist set plays designed to punish dirty opponents. Over thirty plays are included in the game. Experience the drama of the tournament for the first time: Real tournament structure and scheduling means that you will have to deal with injuries and suspensions through the tournament. Watch out for the "out of town scores" coming in from other key matches in your group.

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