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CRICKET 2002 PC Games
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Cricket 2002 represents Electronics Artís latest attempt to turn every possible sport into a lucrative franchise. As you would expect there is a highly polished front end with all the key international teams and stadia to choose from and various all star squads to unlock as you progress though the game. Unlike previous versions you can now play a Test match or series rather than just one-day competitions.
Game play wise we have been here before. As in Brian Lara Cricket Cricket 2000 you preselect your shot from a number of options or set the length, line and speed of your delivery. You can now micromanage your fielders or let the computer AI set the, supposedly, best field for you. Variations in pitch and weather conditions are meant to ensure a different experience whether you use your spin or pace bowlers.
Unfortunately you never feel that you are actually in control of the proceedings. You can get your opponent out with an absolute shocker of a ball or, conversely, toil away for hours with your best bowlers to no effect. You can line up an excellent shot just to see the ball pop tamely into the hands of a fielder and even worse you can be given out when the ball is nowhere near him. You can also be judged LBW when the ball has pitched nowhere near you. Itís all very random and not even extensive net sessions help. Much better to play against a human opponent which at least makes the game a contest dependent on skill rather than luck

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